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The video campaign for DB Regio inspired participants to make unusual travel requests, which they could express direct in the video booth.

Successful image-enhancing videobox promotion! DB Regio makes participants happy with a trip to their dream destination!

An interactive video competition for DB Regio was carried out on behalf of Ketchum Pleon under the slogan "Where can we take you to?" Participants had the chance to win a trip to a dream destination. This meant that the DB Regio was able to interact direct with its customers and learn about their travel habits. More on the video promotion for DB Regio...
Sales promotion leads customers into the Camp David store

3.000 customers were steered into the shop in only 2 days!

Camp David was looking a promotion in Oberhausen that would boost sales, lead new customers into the shop, increase brand awareness and stand out from the competition in surrounding store environment. The challenge? To increase footfall, even though the shop next door was holding a rival event. More about the sales promotion with Scan and Win®...
The campaign ensured that festival visitors had a lot of fun.

Bluescreen photomontage a huge success at the Africa Festival in Würzburg!

At the 27th International Africa Festival in Würzburg from 4th to 7th June, s.Oliver came up with something special: a bluescreen photomontage with African animals. Participants could feed wild animals or let their imagination run wild while supporting a foundation for a good cause! More on the bluescreen photomontage and fundraiser for s.Oliver
Pieper perfumery successfully backed the use of Scan and Win® in Essen town centre.

Campaign to increase footfall: Scan and Win® draws 1,800 people into the Pieper perfumery on a single day

Increasing footfall and highlighting targeted product groups – these were the objectives of Pieper perfumery in Essen is backing Scan and Win®. The sales marketing campaign playfully attracted, above all, new customers into the shop. read more about the Scan and Win® Promotion...
The Opinion Box offers an innovative opinion poll

Video and photo booth as an opinion poll for Novitas BKK! Participants let off steam in the opinion box!

"What really upsets you?" – This is the question that Novitas BKK went on tour with. Over nine days in seven cities, around 150 videos of passers-by who wanted to vent their anger were collected. The participants were thrilled: "I think the campaign is really great. You can publicly express your opinion here, and maybe more than five people will actually hear it." More on the video and photo booth promotion for Novitas BKK
aktionspotenzial made individual photo booths to attract new potential customers to the Jägermeister brand in pubs, clubs and at events.

Jägermeister’s photo booth increases sales, networks with Facebook & brings nationwide fun into the catering trade!

Working together with the White Rabbit agency, aktionspotenzial delivered customised photo booths to attract the target group to the Jägermeister brand in pubs, clubs and at events in its cross-media campaign. The result? A playful way to increase sales.. Read more about Jägermeister's photo campaign….

Winning Wheels® increases sales conversion rate in Foot Locker shop!

4,400 customers in just two days! Foot Locker used the new sales promotion tool Winning Wheels® for the very first time and vastly increased its sales conversion rate! Up to 300 customers an hour were playfully introduced to Foot Locker's exclusive sneaker collection. More on the Winning Wheels® sales promotion for Foot Locker...

More than 880 customers try on the new Ultra Boost shoe from adidas! Newly developed shoe promotion campaign makes it possible for people to experience a running shoe!

aktionspotenzial has developed a combination of Winning Wheels® and the new shoebox scanner for the shoe industry. This means that the Ultra Boost – the new sports and running shoes by Adidas – was able to be marketed to its best advantage. A new POS campaign that unites two things: the advertising and experiencing of the product! More on experiential marketing for adidas

The Magic360® have enchanted and led the visitors of the shopping center directly into the Pieper shop.

For a special St Valentine's Day promotion, the Pieper perfumery used the new Magic360® promotion tool from aktionspotenzial. The aim of the 4-day 360° photo campaign was to inspire visitors of the shopping centre and to deliberately steer them into the Pieper store. read more about the Magic360 promotion...
Schulze, Siegen's largest fashion retailer, used Scan and Win® to attract new customers from all age groups.

Scan and Win® and Facebook brought more than 5,000 customers into the Schulze fashion store in Siegen in two days

Schulze, Siegen's largest fashion retailer, took the tried-and-trusted Scan and Win® sales promotion tool to tempt new customers into the store. The use of Facebook, the company's website and newsletter guaranted that everything was a huge success! More about Scan and Win® at Schulze's fashion store....